Confronting the Blame Mentality

Michael Bloomberg questioned critics who blamed China’s “policy” of subsidizing clean energy exports to the U.S. while restricting imports . He contended that Americans need to examine itself and more importantly, bring back the work ethic that it once had and that characterizes many first generation immigrants to turn around the current decline. The current scapegoating of China only magnifies the ignorance of a popular segment of American society.

More Evidence of American Decline?

While China and India are moving assertively towards global superpower status, the U.S., with its feckless partisan bickering, seems to be mired in political and economic stagnation. Other governments are showing a sense of urgency by investing in their respective countries’ futures.

Creating A Culture of Education (Part 3): Does the American Culture Support or Undermine Public Education?

Part 1 of this 5-part series addressed the importance of four interdependent components in building a culture of education in the United States: School; Parents/Family; Government; and Community. Last time, Part 2 asked why there is so little discussion of parent accountability in education reform. Part 3 goes into the third aspect, community and culture. […]