About The Educated Society

The Educated Society analyzes and evaluates primarily education reform issues that define the current times by exploring the best ideas and approaches towards being an exemplary nation of well-informed citizens. Through empirical research, this blog strives to bring a distinctively holistic and balanced perspective in order to cultivate productive dialogue and actionable solutions.

The author of TES, Norman Eng, Ed.D. is an education researcher and writer on critical education reform issues, particularly as they relate to policy, equality, culture, urban education, and international comparative education. He believes that schooling is but one component of education and lifelong learning, and that parents, the government, and of course, the child, must work in concert with schools to build a collective “culture of education.” Only such collaborative partnerships can guarantee a globally responsible, democratic, and just society. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the City University of New York. (Note: The views in this blog do not necessarily reflect those of his employers or associates.)

Constructive comments/criticisms in the spirit of critical debate on this blog are welcome.


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