Asians on Education: What Poverty?

All this talk in education about poverty being the major reason for poor academic achievement and performance got me thinking: Is it really just poverty? No doubt it plays an important role. Researchers Hart & Risley’s well-cited longitudinal study in the early 1990s found that children in welfare families were exposed to substantially less language at […]

Addressing Poverty Through Parent Education

There is strong consensus that poverty is at the root of America’s education problem — not teachers or public schools. Poverty in turn, affects a child’s learning and achievement, and subsequent opportunities in life. There needs to be a combination of solutions: one more broad-based, and one more education-focused.

Can Schools Overcome Poverty?

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan wrote an article in today’s Washington Post, School Reform: A Chance for Bipartisan Governing, emphasizing the important role both Democrats and Republicans have in rewriting NCLB to address its “one-size-fits-all mandates, its teach-to-the-test mentality, and its lack of teacher investment. Can those bold steps for schools really overcome poverty?