New York’s Teacher Evaluation System

New York State education officials and the local teachers’ union reached a deal on a new teacher evaluation system on Thursday February 16, just before Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s deadline for imposing his own measures for teacher quality. Essentially, 40 percent of teachers’ evaluations will be measured by students’ performance on standardized test scores, half of […]

Teacher Accountability Starts with Better Teacher Preparation

Accountability initiatives like Race to the Top has focused on creating models that gauge teacher effectiveness by linking evaluations (in part) to student progress. Under New York’s new legislation, for example, 40 percent of a teacher’s grade will be based on standardized tests (with the balance based on more subjective measures such as principal observations). […]

Putting the Focus on the Profession, Not the Teachers

The majority of current education reform discussions have focused on teachers, as opposed to the teaching profession. What is the difference? By nature, reforms that focus on individuals such as teachers are reactionary and enact measures that tend to be punitive or denigrate the profession. Those that focus on the profession are measures that invest in, support, and build autonomy in teachers.