Why “The Educated Society”?

Right now, an educated society is the only kind that can help America thrive with the world. Without this cultivated public, we lack the wisdom, the benevolence, and the moral and ethical character to build a flourishing society. Without it, we fall prey to petty partisan infighting. Without it, we tend to glorify popular culture over education. Without it, we elect feckless politicians or promote greedy executives. And without it, we lose sight of what it means to be the United States of America. Right now, we don’t seem that united. For that matter, we don’t seem that educated.

With renewed vigor, this millennium has brought on an economic recession, a crisis in education, an appallingly divisive political scene, and the emergence of fundamentalist tendencies (both domestic and abroad), all accelerating the decline in American power. With rising second and third world countries crowding the global stage, how can we learn to live peacefully and productively as global citizens? This blog looks at the political, economic, philosophical, educational, and social issues that define these times by exploring the best approaches towards being an exemplary nation of well-informed citizens. The Educated Society strives to bring a distinctively holistic and balanced perspective little seen in today’s polarized climate.

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